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Grove GMK 5150XL Crane Hire in Essex

Welcome to Thanet Crane Hire, your top choice for lifting and haulage solutions across Essex and beyond. Specialising in delivering high-quality crane hire services perfectly suited to a wide range of industrial requirements, we prioritise efficiency, reliability, and safety in every project.
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About the Grove GMK 5150XL

The Grove GMK 5150XL is renowned for its robust build and exceptional capabilities, making it a standout in mobile hydraulic crane technology. Designed to excel across diverse terrains, this crane is the preferred choice for demanding lifting operations. If you're looking for powerful lifting solutions in Essex, trust in our 150-ton crane hire services. We offer expertise that ensures precision and efficiency, perfectly tailored to meet your project needs.

Thanet Crane Hire sets itself apart with:

Expertise and Reliability: Years of experience ensure successful project outcomes.
Safety Commitment: Employing advanced technology and stringent protocols.
Comprehensive Fleet: Includes various cranes to meet unique project needs.
Nationwide Coverage: Efficient delivery services across the UK.
Environmental Responsibility: Euro 6 compliant fleet for low emissions zones.

Applications of the Grove GMK 5150XL

The GMK 5150XL’s versatility makes it indispensable across various industries:

Construction: Ideal for erecting steel structures, lifting heavy materials, and assembling prefabricated components.
Infrastructure Projects: Essential for bridge construction, roadwork, and other civil engineering projects.
Industrial Applications: Used for lifting heavy machinery and facilitating equipment maintenance.
In Essex, our customers trust the Grove GMK 5150XL for diverse projects that demand lifting capacities up to 150 metric tons. With its 60-meter boom providing extensive reach, versatile jib options, advanced mobility features, and robust safety systems, this crane is indispensable. Whether you require a 160-ton, 150-ton, 130-ton, 120-ton, or 110-ton crane, the GMK 5150XL consistently delivers unparalleled performance and reliability.

Key Specifications:

Lifting Capacity: With a maximum capacity of 150 metric tons (165 US tons), the GMK 5150XL efficiently handles heavy loads in diverse scenarios.
Boom Length: Featuring a telescopic main boom extending up to 60 meters (197 feet), providing extensive reach and flexibility.
Jib Options: Operators can enhance its versatility with jib extensions for complex lifting tasks.
Mobility: As an all-terrain crane, it navigates rough terrain effectively with advanced axle drive systems and suspension.
Power Source: Powered by a diesel engine, it meets stringent emission standards while driving hydraulic mechanisms.
Control Systems: Includes load moment indicators (LMI) for safe operations.
Safety Features: Equipped with outrigger monitoring, automatic levelling, emergency stops, and safety interlocks.
Operator Comfort: The cab features ergonomic seating, excellent visibility, and intuitive controls to minimise operator fatigue.

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