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Clients have two rental choices - crane rental only or contract lifting.

Crane rental only offers you a contemporary, well-kept crane and a CPCS certified operator. You will be responsible for planning and executing your lifting operation.

As a rental only client, you manage all facets of site safety. You also bear the responsibility for any ground condition problems and for securing suitable insurance.

For further details on the distinction between crane rental only and our contract lifting service, kindly refer to our brief guide.

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Contract Lifting

Allow Thanet Crane Hire to orchestrate and oversee your lifting task – from inception to completion.

Initiate your project by scheduling a contract lift with Thanet Crane Hire, which includes a site inspection by a CPCS certified Appointed Person (AP). The AP will provide guidance on the most appropriate and economical crane machinery and personnel to execute your lifting task securely.

Our comprehensive contract lift crane hire service encompasses CAD (computer-aided design) crane schematics. These intricate diagrams illustrate the crane in its operational stance at your location. Furthermore, you will also be provided with a thorough Risk Assessment and Method Statement.

Our proficiency and experience in all facets of lifting operations are dependable. We are pleased to propose solutions for challenging access situations and suggest any extra machinery or equipment your project might need. For instance, after a comprehensive evaluation of the terrain conditions, we will examine the load bearings of the crane's stabilizers and provide guidance on the need for supportive matting.

All Thanet Crane Hire lifting staff are:

  • CPCS qualified
  • Trained in Working At Height
  • Trained in RF Awareness
  • Undertaking NVQ qualifications
  • We can also transport your materials, goods and equipment to and from site. And we remove waste and debris for responsible, licensed disposal or recycling. Read more about our transport services.

Your project may necessitate the closure of a road or lane in conjunction with your crane services. It might also involve the temporary discontinuation of parking spots and/or bus stops. We provide a comprehensive package that includes a full traffic management service.

To discuss your individual requirements please call us now on 01622 858200 or contact us online via our contact form.

Crane Assisted Transport Hire

Thanet Crane Hire offers transportation services for both local and nationwide pick-ups and deliveries.

Our crane assisted transport options include:

  • Mercedes Arocs truck with highly trained operative;
  • 8m bed, carrying up to 10,750 kg;
  • 36.5t FASSI crane;
  • 14.5m reach;
  • Abnormal loads service;
  • Waste transfer (fully licensed);
  • ADR transport (any bowser with a capacity above 999 litres requires ADR compliance);
  • Euro 6 LEZ compliant for central London deliveries/collections;
  • £50,000 in-transit insurance (compared to the Road Haulage Association standard £200 per tonne);
  • On-hook insurance.

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Traffic Management

Comprehensive Traffic Management Services from Inception to Completion.

We conceptualise, strategise, and execute a thorough traffic management service. From the preliminary site consultation to determine the most secure alternatives to expert installation and operation on the day, you can trust us with your traffic management support.

Our team members are trained and certified under 'Chapter 8', enabling us to establish and manage all traffic control, ranging from a basic lane closure to a comprehensive traffic regulation notice.

In London and its neighbouring regions, we maintain an excellent rapport with local authorities. This facilitates a more streamlined and efficient application process. We collaborate with the local authority on-site to agree on the safest operational procedure.

We generate comprehensive traffic management plans using OS detail and CAD (computer-aided design). These intricate plans encompass precise measurements, any bespoke signage, and accurately scaled depictions of the crane in its operational location.

We liaise directly with the appropriate local government to finalize and submit all necessary applications for you. This encompasses traffic regulation notifications, crane permits, suspensions of parking/taxi/bus stop/coach bay, and bus lanes.

We provide and install all our own gear for every traffic management task. This varies from basic cones and barriers to complex traffic light systems and bespoke signage.

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Tracked Morooka Hiab

A Morooka hiab with tracks is ideal for lifting operations in rugged terrains with difficult access.

This specific hiab allows us to set up telecommunications equipment for all the leading mobile phone providers in the UK, even in the most challenging conditions where cranes and trucks would be incapable of reaching.

We can transport and lift any of your equipment to these otherwise inaccessible or remote locations.

To discuss your individual requirements please call us now on 01622 858200 or contact us online via our contact form.

CAD Site Plans

At Thanet Crane Hire, we provide Computer Aided Design (CAD) site plans utilising sophisticated software to guarantee the contract lift is executed in the safest and most efficient manner from the get-go.

A comprehensive site plan is crucial to illustrate the intended placement of the crane and other vehicles relative to the site and its environment, facilitating a seamless process from our AP's site inspection to the finalisation of the lift.

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