At Thanet Crane Hire we can provide a full traffic management service from start to finish.

Our operatives are ‘Chapter 8’ trained and certified meaning we can set out and operate all traffic management, from a simple lane closure to a full traffic regulation notice.

In London and the surrounding areas, we have a very good working relationship with the local authorities. This makes the application process somewhat easier and smoother.

Our services include conducting a site meeting and liaising with the local authorities on site to provide the safest operation process.

We also produce full OS detail traffic management plans completed on CAD detailing specific measurements, custom signage and to scale crane blocks.

Once in contact with the council we will also arrange, complete and submit all applications on your behalf, this will cover traffic regulation notices, crane licences, parking/taxi/bus stop/coach bay suspensions and bus lanes.

We provide all our own equipment for our traffic management ranging from your standard cones and barriers all the way up to multi traffic lighting systems and getting custom made signs printed.
Especially relevant, placement of that management will be provided by us.